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David Jones – Lived 121 Days in a Room with 40 Deadly Snakes

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Its joy for a person to stay for so many days in a room with our loved ones and pets like cats, dogs etc.., but here is a man who loves to be with dangerous snakes in a locked room for several days. What a crazy man isn’t it? He is David Jones who lived four months in a room with 40 deadly venomous snakes.

David Jones
David Jones

David Jones Superhuman Superpower

David Jones lived 121 days in a room at a wildlife park in South Africa with 40 snakes which are world’s most poisonous ones. He is a lover of snakes who wanted to sit and spend time with them.


There is no records found about his birth details but as he was 44 or 45 aged (As it is not clear officially) in 2010 while taking up the challenge to be with snakes, we could say he might be born in the year 1966 or 1965.

Early Life

David Jones lived in Crewley, a town and region in West Sussex, England. When he was ten years old, he found his first grass snake in a railway line near his house & took it to his home and kept it with him for three to four years till it died. From that, he started to take interest on snakes and loved them. He enjoyed spending time looking for them under logs, catching them and then releasing them.

About David Jones

David Jones is a carpenter from Crawley, Sussex, South East England. He was married to Jane and they had a son. He came to be known to the world when he took up the challenge to be with deadly snakes in a room at Chameleon Village Reptile Conservation Park in Johannesburg, South Africa. He spent 121 days with 40 deadly snakes in the year 2010, including twenty seven puff adders, three snouted cobras, two green mambas, seven boomslangs and two black mambas. He ate, drank and even slept with those snakes inside the same five metre by four metre room without being bitten by them. By doing so, David Jones broke the previous record of Martin Smith from South Africa who lived 113 days with snakes.

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In order to raise money for St Catherine’s Hospice in Malthouse Road, Crawley, David Jones used the challenge. As a snake enthusiast, he wanted to be with snakes like this for long time. He actually completed the challenge for being with snakes for 114 days but still he decided to do it for seven more days. The main thing makes this challenge remarkable and crazy is that, he had never handled poisonous snakes before. He would feed live rats and mice which were given to him in two tubs every ten days to the snakes with thirty centimeters long forceps. It is not so easy to feed them as it will hardly take two hours.

There was a sliding glass door and three windows in the room through which the visitors saw and communicated with David Jones. Two guards were allotted for David Jones to watch him, keep the snakes away from his bed at night and alert him when they gets closer while he was sleeping. He never had a fear that they would bit him rather he used his common sense by moving slowly and watching down his feet.

His interview to press media shows that he treats them as his friends. He said that he is impressed on thinking how snakes manage to hunt down their pray inspite of not having arms, legs and poor sight.

The record has been made successfully but Guinness World Records (GWR) refused to acknowledge it officially stating that snakes are lonely creatures and so Guinness World Record attempts forcing them to live together with human for long periods of time is not to be encouraged as there is a possibility of cannibalism depending on the species. They added that their animal expert has also advised against exposing such animals to human presence for long periods of time.

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Genetic or Learned

He is born as a fearless person and with the interest towards snakes. His record makes us to think that there is rapport between David Jones and snakes.

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