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Dennis Rogers – Pound for Pound Strongest Man in World

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Dennis Rogers
Dennis Rogers


Dennis Rogers is so strong he can bend metal with his bare hands, stop bikes and even prevent planes from taking off.


Dennis Rogers was born in 1958.

Early Life

Dennis Rogers weighed only 80 pounds when he entered high school and was put in a special Physical education class. In the early seventies he saw a program about a man who could rip a pack of cards in half and Denni’s life was changed. He realised his power when he was able to replicate the trick.

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About Dennis Rogers

Dennis Rogers is 59 years old and still only weighs 170 pounds. His body can generate over 1000 pounds of force. He has stopped four Harley Davidson’s at full power. Dennis has prevented two planes from taking off with his strength. He received the A.O.B.S. Super-Strength Athlete Award in 1993.
Dennis was named “pound-for-pound the strongest man” by the Association for Oldetime Barbell and Strongmen(A.O.B.S) in 1998.
In 2006 Ripley’s Believe it Not also gave Dennis the title of “Pound-for-pound the strongest man”. Oprah named him the best performing strongman in 2003 on her show. On 23 October 2010, Dennis was awarded the Vic Boff Award – the A.O.B.S’ highest achievement award. It is estimated more than 300 million people have seen Dennis perform.
He has been on television more than 156 times in his life. Currently Dennis is available for corporate events and trains the future strength super-humans through the Oldetime Strongman University.

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Genetic Or Learned

Dennis Rogers strength is genetic but he has done training and learned techniques to enhance his strength.

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Featured In

  • Superhuman YOU (2016) Iron Tamer Dave Whitley