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Edgar Cayce – The Sleeping Prophet

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Edgar Cayce
Edgar Cayce


Edgar Cayce is a Christian mystic who was able to provide prophecies of the future, answers from historical questions and diagnostics for illnesses while in a deep trance.


Edgar was born on March 18, 1877 near Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Early Life

When Edgar was young, he claimed to have seen his deceased grandfather.
As soon as he was introduced to church at age 10, he became very interested in the Bible.
When he was reading his bible one day in a woodland hut, he saw a winged woman who asked him what he wanted. He told her he wanted to be a missionary and help sick children.
Edgar had an incredible ability to memorize books after sleeping on it.
After Edgar’s meeting with an angel, he was hit in the back with a ball and was put to bed as he was acting ‘strangely.’ During his sleep, he diagnosed himself and told his parents who were able to cure him with the diagnosis he had given them.
He lost is voice for quite some time until it was healed by a hypnotist, Al Layne who said it was from psychological paralysis.
Through this encounter, he became interested in hypnotism and began exploring his trance readings and medical remedies, providing services to the public.

About Edgar Cayce

Edgar had a deep desire to help others, which developed at a very early age and lasted throughout his life.
By laying down to meditate before a psychic reading, he would enter a very relaxed state where it was believed he entered a “super-conscious mind”.
While in this meditative state, Edgar was able to answer questions regarding the geological evolution of the planet, details of historical tribes, past situations of an individual’s life.
At one point, Edgar became a very talented photographer.
A list of 7 of his prophecies which came true include,
1. The Stock Market Crash of 1929
2. World War II
3. Pole Shift
4. Convergence of Communications Companies
5. The Life of the Essenes
6. Blood Used a s a Diagnostic Tool
7. La Nina and El Nino Effect

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Genetic Or Learned

Although there are many skeptics who refuse the legitimacy of Edgar’s gift, if the story is correct, the psychedelic trance-induced prophecies were brought on by the help of an angel, which makes Edgar’s skill very special.
There are many people who say you can develop psychic abilities, similar to Edgar’s. As Edgar meditated and was said to slip into a, “super-conscious mind” this would be one way to begin developing your own superpower, psychic ability.
Although Edgar seemed to slip into this state quite easily, it would take the average person a lot of meditation practice to seep into such a deep state.

Names Known By

  • Sleeping Prophet
  • Father of Holistic Medicine

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