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Felix Baumgartner – The Man Who Jumped From Space

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Felix Baumgartner
Felix Baumgartner


Felix Baumgartner is a sky diver, BASE jumper and a daredevil stunt performer.


Felix Baumgartner was born on 20th April 1996 in Salzburg, Austria.

Early Life

Felix Baumgartner is the first born of two boys in his family. His younger brother is called Gerald.
From a very young age, Felix always dreamt of sky diving and flying.

About Felix Baumgartner

In 1999, Felix Baumgartner jumped from a building; the PETRONAS Towers located in Malaysia and set a Guinness world record for the highest parachute jump ever from a building.
On July 20th 2003, he became the first person to skydive using a specially made carbon fiber. He skydived across the English Channel.
Being a BASE jumper too, Felix Baumgartner has set several BASE jumping records including the world record for the lowest BASE jumper ever when he jumped from a statue; ‘Christ the Redeemer Statue’. He jumped 29 meters.
Felix Baumgartner has also set and broken many skydiving records for: vertical speed without drogue, exit altitude and vertical freefall distance without drogue.
In December 2007, he was the first person ever to jump the observation deck of Taipei 101 in Taiwan which was by then the tallest completed building in the whole world. He jumped from the 91st floor.
In 2010, Felix Baumgartner was working to attempt the highest skydive on record with the help of Red Bull as sponsors and a group of scientists.
He is popularly known for this highest altitude free fall record where he jumped off a height of 120,000 feet near the upper middle section of the earth’s stratosphere at an average speed of averagely 690 miles per hour breaking the sound barrier.
For this particular feat, Baumgartner used a very high tech suit with the basic innermost layer, a rubbery membrane layer with welded seams to contain any pressurized gases inside the suit, a crocheted net layer and an outermost textile layer with flame-retardant thermal isolation.
In October 14th 2012, Baumgartner jumped and landed in New Mexico setting a new record of 36,402 meters.
Later that year, Felix Baumgartner was charged and convicted and fined for battery when he had a misunderstanding with a Greek truck driver and ended up slapping him.
In 2013, Felix Baumgartner moved to Arbon, Switzerland. This was after the government authorities in Austria refused to grant him sports tax breaks. However, his helicopter and his house in Austria were confiscated.

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Genetic Or Learned

Felix Baumgartner, from a very tender age, has always had an interest in skydiving and BASE jumping. It however takes a lot of courage and determination to perform his dare-devil feats.

Guinness World Records

In 1999, he set the record for the highest parachute jump when he jumped from the PETRONAS Towers.
In 2003, he was the first person skydive across the English Channel with a specially made carbon wing.
In June 2004, he became the first person to jump from the Millau Viaduct building in France.
He was the first person to BASE jump from the Turning Torso Building in Sweden in August 2006.
Felix Baumgartner was the first person to jump from the 91st floor of the Taipei 101 building in Taiwan, in the year 2007.

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