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Garry Turner – The Man With World’s Stretchiest Skin

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Garry Turner
Garry Turner


Garry Turner can stretch skin from any part of his body to an unbelievable extent.


Garry Turner was born on 1971 in Caistor, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom.

Early Life

Garry Turner since his childhood days knew that he had a different skin. He realised about his skin when he was three to four years old. When Garry was small his uncle used to amaze his friends with Garry's skin.

About Garry Turner

Garry Turner is the man with the most stretchiest skin in the world. Garry from United Kingdom can stretch skin from any part of his body. Garry recorded a stretch of 15.8 cms from the skin near his stomach which helped him to gain a Guinness World Record. Garry holds his Guinness World Record since 1998. He can even pull the skin under his neck completely over his lower jaw. He also uses his skin from his stomach as a table.
The secret behind Garry's skin is Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome; a rare medical condition which is related to connective tissues. The collagen which determines the elasticity when the skin is stretched becomes defective. While stretching the skin to this extent Garry doesn't feel any kind of pain nor does it hurt. Unfortunately there is no cure for this rare medical condition which has affected Garry's skin. According to Garry his skin is two times thinner than regular skin like a paper. He's a former star of Circus Of Horrors and currently is a performer in London at Royal Family Of Strange People.

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Genetic Or Learned

According to Brain Morgan, who is one of the leading skin experts, says Garry suffers from a Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which affects one in half a million and hence its very rare. He explains Garry's skin cells are jagged and don't fit together when seen under a microscope as compared to ours which are round and perfectly fit together. Hence the superpower ability of Garry is not genetic nor learned but because of his rare syndrome.

Guinness World Records

  • Strerching his stomach skin to a length of 15.8 cms.
  • 161 clothes pegs pinned to the face.