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Guy Bavli – The Kinetic Man

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Guy Bavli
Guy Bavli


Guy Bavli is a mentalist, an illusionist an entertainer and a lecturer with the ability to predict the unknown and can move objects with his mind.

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Guy Bavli was born in Tel Aviv in Israel on 24 August 1971.

Early Life

As a child Guy was obese and bullied.
His parents got divorced when he was a young child.
When Guy was five he saw magician Uri Gellar bending a spoon and he was enchanted.
He bought a telepathic cube and started performing for friends which stopped the bullying.
At eight years old he got his first paying performance at a local country club.
At the age of fourteen he won an American Magic competition, the first Israeli to do so.
In 1990 he won the award for the best Magician and entertainer of the decade in Israel.

About Guy Bavli

Guy Bavli served in the Israeli army for three years as an mentalist and speaker.
After leaving the army he started his career as a corporate entertainer.
One of his most famous acts was driving a Jaguar blindfolded.
In 1996 he correctly predicted the results of the Israeli general elections two weeks before the elections took place.
Between 1998 – 2001 he performed more than 1200 in Las Vegas.
In 2000 he won the National American Broadcasting award for the Best Presenter.
In the same year he won the IBC Award for the Best Show in Amsterdam.
In 2002 he moved to the United States of America to launch his show “Master of the Mind”.
He lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife and three children.
In 2007 he appeared in Phenomenon on NBC with Chris Angel.
In 2012 he appeared on History Channel in “Stan Lee's Super Humans” as the Kinetic Man.
In 2013 he won the Dunninger Memorial Award for distinguished professionalism in the performance of mentalism.
In 2016 Guy produced Master of the Mind – Live which showcases all the great mentalists live on one stage. This show is still touring.
He enjoys writing, music and playing the piano.

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Genetic Or Learned

There are no superhuman or genetic causes to Guy’s ability. All his skills are the application of various mind disciplines such as intuition, physiology and psychology and have been honed and fine tuned during years of practice and training.

Names Known By

  • Master of the Mind
  • The Kinetic Man

Official Website


Featured In

  • Mostly Mental – Alan Jones (2014)
  • Mind magic and mentalism for Dummies – James L. Clark (2012)
  • Grand Street Volume 6, Issue 1-2 (1986)
  • Ba Li Balon (1990)
  • Snurre Snups Sondagsklub (1994)
  • Phenomenon (2007)
  • Masters of Illusion (2008)
  • Stan Lee’s Superhuman's (2012)
  • Magic Hole Korea (2012)

Books Published

  • Smile for a change: How the World’s Favourite Expression can Affect your Life (2016)