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Hazel Jones – Woman with Two Vaginas

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Hazel Jones
Hazel Jones

Hazel Jones Superhuman Superpower

Hazel Jones was born with a physical defect – uterus didelphys, which means she is a woman having two separate uteruses (wombs), cervixes and vaginas. It can be said as one-in-a-million medical condition.


Birth details of Hazel Jones are not available accurately. But with the reference that she was 27 years old when she gave her interview to ITV, we can say that she was born in the year 1985 and she is from United Kingdom.

Early Life

Hazel Jones lived in High Wycombe which is a large town in Buckinghamshire, England. She suffered from unbearable menstrual cramps and heavy periods but was unaware of her physical defect. Hazel Jones felt something different in her and asked her school friend but she took it as a fun. It is surprising that even her mother and health professionals had not noticed this when she was born. Hazel herself came to know that she had two vaginas only when she had undergone diagnosis at the age of 18 as her long-term boy friend told that her private part seems different.

About Superhuman Hazel Jones

Hazel Jones is a woman who was born with two separate uteruses, cervixes and vaginas. In 2012, she revealed about her defect to the world in an ITV talk show hosted by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. Doctor Dawn Harper said that actually when reproductive system develops for a girl baby, it starts with two tubes which fuse and a septum breaks down. But for Hazel, the septum never disintegrated which resulted in such a defect. She had suffered with a lot of complications and faced challenges due to this.

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With this defect, she needs to be very careful when she is in a relationship. Hazel Jones has been warned by doctors that she has risks like getting pregnant on two sides at the same time, late miscarriage, premature birth, bleeding during pregnancy and most likely to have caesarean if she decides to enter into a family life.

A surgery was offered to her but she refused to do it as it would leave a scar tissue after that. As Hazel said in her interview that she went with her husband to sex clubs, we could know that she was married. Her mother was also present in the talk show and explained about Hazel’s condition. Hazel said that this condition doesn’t make her feel shy but rather she celebrates it. The video of the interview became viral after it was uploaded in YouTube along with the details and also in the Guyism, a popular website.

A week after her interview with ITV, Hazel Jones received a 1 million dollor offer from an U.S adult film production company that first released celebrity sex tapes – Vivid Entertainment to act in a porno film. TMZ, a celebrity news website revealed that the founder of Vivid Entertainment Steven Hirsch has written a letter to Hazel stating about the offer. He has stated in the letter that she is obviously an extraordinary woman and he would like to make her $1 million offer to be a pornstar in an upcoming Vivid production.

Steven Hirsch said that Hazel can take her desired partner in the movie. He added that if she accepts the offer they can fly to Los Angeles and promised to cover travel and accommodation expenses as shooting will be held there. Hazel was shocked and said that she would never consider or accept this kind of offer. She added that she wanted to be left alone.

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Genetic or Learned

The condition of Hazel Jones is genetic as she was born with uterus didelphys.

Hazel Jones Youtube Videos

Featured In

  • Talk show in 2012: ITV, a commercial television channel in the United Kingdom