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James Cameron – Diving to Earth’s Deepest Point

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For this driven man, directing the two highest grossing movies ever in Hollywood was not enough, he has achieved deep sea diving feats that no man has matched. He is none other than James Cameron, read more to learn about his incredible achievements.

James Cameron
James Cameron

James Cameron Superhuman Superpower

James is first person to have done a 3 hour solo exploration of the ocean floor known as the Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the Mariana Trench also known as the Earth’s deepest point and one of only two people to have ever stood there.

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James Cameron was born in Ontario Canada on the 16 August 1954.

Early Life of James Cameron

James Cameron grew up in Canada and attended the Stamford Collegiate School in Niagara Falls until 1971 when his family immigrated to California. James was 17 years old and completed his school education in California at Brea Olinda High School. In 1973 he registered at the Fullerton community college to study physics. After a few months he switched to English and by the end of 1974 he dropped out and became a truck driver and part time writer. During this period, James taught himself about filmography and special effects at the local library. After seeing the movie Star Wars in 1977, James left truck driving to follow a career in the movie industry. He wrote a short, 10 minute, science fiction film called Xenogenesis and with directed and produced the movie on a rented 35mm camera. While learning about the film industry and filing techniques, James works as a miniature model maker at Roger Corman studios and then by 1980 he was the art director for a movie produced by Roger Corman called Battle Beyond the stars. James was involved with a few movies assisting with special effects and art direction until his break in 1981 when the director the movie Piranha II: The Spawning left due to creative differences with the producer Ovidio Assonitis. Ovidio then gave James the opportunity to direct the movie which included allot of underwater scene’s. Unfortunately there were some issues with the weather and after James failed to get a specific shot right that Ovidio wanted, he was fired from the position of director.

About James Cameron

During a bout of stomach flu, James had a nightmare about a futuristic robot that came to kill him, giving him the idea for the movie Terminator. He completed the screenplay by 1984 and sold it to Gale Ann Hurd for $1 as she was willing to let him produce the movie. Terminator was a low budget movie, costing about $6.5 million to make and was an unexpected success netting more than $78 million at the box office. Gale Ann Hurd and James married in 1985 and were divorced in 1989. James also met his fourth wife Linda Hamilton on the Terminator set, who played the role of Sarah Conner. James’ and his first wife, Sharon Williams were divorced in 1984. During 1985 Cameron wrote two more screenplays which went on to be box-office hits, Aliens and the first draft for Rambo 2 (which Sylvester Stallone took over and completed). Between 1985 and 2002 Cameron continued to write screenplays and direct movies, including highly successful movies such as Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2, True Lies, Strange Days and Spiderman and the Dark Angel.

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In 1997, Cameron wrote directed and produced The Titanic, with a budget of $200 million making it the most expensive movie ever made. For the footage, Cameron dived to the original shipwreck on the Ocean floor and filmed the ship. In the first weekend after release, the movie grossed $28.6 million and became the first movie to gross more then $1 billion worldwide. Titanic received 14 Oscar nominations at the 1998 Academy Awards, winning an incredible 11 Oscars in the categories of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Best Film Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Sound, Best Sound Effects Editing, Best Original Dramatic Score and Best Original Song. By 2012, after the release of Titanic in 3D the earnings increased to over $2 Billion.

Cameron had another major hit with the movie Avatar, which is the only movie to have surpassed Titanic in earnings (over the billion dollar mark). Released in December 2009, Avatar had a budget of $300 million dollars and was produced in 3D. Avatar grossed more than $2.7 million dollars worldwide, the highest grossing movie ever. Avatar won 3 Oscars at the Academy Awards. James was the highest earning director in Hollywood in 2010.

Apart from his blockbuster movies, James has been involved in the making in range of documentaries, many of them about the Titanic. James has been married 5 times, between Gale Ann Hurn and Linda Hamilton he was married for a brief period to director Kathryn Bigelow. While filming the Titanic he met Suzy Amis which resulted in him divorcing Linda Hamilton. In 2000 James and Suzy were married and have three children. James also has a daughter with Linda Hamilton. James has a home in California and New Zealand, where he filmed Avatar, and he splits his time between the two. He is on the NASA advisory council and is involved in the project to put a man on Mars.

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In March 2012, Cameron went to the bottom of the New Britain Trench in a five hour solo-dive and in 2004 reached the Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the Mariana Trench also known as the Earth’s deepest point, making him the first man to do this on a solo-mission and the second man ever to stand on the Challenger Deep. He collected new data in the field of marine biology including a new species of sea cucumber, squid worm and amoeba.

In 1992, James received the Bradbury Award from the ‘Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’, for Terminator 2. He has received honorary doctorates from the ‘Carleton University’, Ottawa, ‘Brock University’ Ontario, ‘Ryerson University’, Toronto, ‘California State University’, Fullerton, and ‘University of Southampton’, England. James Cameron is also regarded as on the worlds 50 most influential people.

Genetic Or Learned

James Cameron’s incredible vision and determination is genetic, but he would need to learn in order to execute

Names Known By

  • Jim
  • Iron Jim

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