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Jason Padgett – The Math Genius

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Jason Padgett
Jason Padgett


Jason Padgett has the ability to perceive mathematical formulas in the form of geometric shapes.


Jason Padgett was born on 7th October 1972 in Oklahoma City, United States.

Early Life

Growing up, Jason Padgett was not as good in academics as most people would expect. He admits that he was not really interested in school that much. He went to school not out of interest but because it was a normal practice.
He was a struggling salesman and had dropped out of college.
He was majorly interested in spending time with his friends, partying, drinking beer and just having a good time.
He had no interest at all in mathematics.
In 2002, Jason Padgett was attacked by two men as he was leaving a bar one night. They brutally beat him up and left him unconscious with a very severe concussion.
On the next day, upon waking up, he happened to notice that he was seeing shapes and lines inside and around the normal everyday objects he came across.
After the attack, due to a subsequent brain injury, Jason developed depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress. It was so serious that it forced him into hiding for more than 3 years.
Afterwards, Jason Padgett decided to seek help; he was diagnosed by different doctors. The diagnosis he received showed that he had acquired savant syndrome and thereafter began to realize the full extent and potential of his newly acquired superpower.
He even travelled all the way to Finland and was assisted by a doctor to understand his condition better.

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About Jason Padgett

After his brain injury, Jason Padgett began to notice that the normal world around him looked a whole lot different than the other days before.
He could then describe everything as appearing to be pixilated; it was as if he could see all the components of the world around him rather than the usual.
He thereafter began to attend college and that’s how his newly acquire savant syndrome together with synesthesia allowed him to be able to perceive various mathematical formulae in the form of geometric shapes.
The several brain scans that were done after he developed this ability revealed that due to the brain injury he suffered, he brain is now overcompensating in order to make up for the damage that had been done before; when the accident occurred, revealing this amazing unique ability.
Jason Padgett now manages three different futon stores in Tacoma.
His art work is entirely hand-drawn with the help of only a pencil, ruler and a compass.
He is also a lecturer now.

Genetic Or Learned

Savant syndrome is an ability that is latent in most other people; Jason Padgett acquired this ability after suffering severe brain injury.

Names Known By

The Math Genius


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BBC documentary
Washington Post
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