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Jaspreet Singh Kalra – The Indian Rubber Man

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Jaspreet Singh Kalra
Jaspreet Singh Kalra


Jaspreet Singh Kalra popular by the name Rubber Man is an Indian contortionist whereby he possess an extremely flexible body.


Jaspreet Singh Kalra was born in Ludhiana, Punjab, India on August 30, 1999.

Early Life

Jaspreet Singh Kalra was born and bought up in Punjab.
As a small kid he developed an interest in yoga and started learning it at a very small age of 12.
While learning yoga he discovered his body is flexible and was able to contort his body in extreme positions.
When Jaspreet reached at the age of 14 he was deeply influenced by the world famous American contortionist Daniel Browning Smith.
He then started watching Smith's videos from YouTube.
Just about in a year he made his body became extremely flexible which helped him to achieve four national and international records.

About Jaspreet Singh Kalra

Jaspreet has earned his recognition as the Most Flexible Man whereby he distorts his body in unbelievable shapes and even pass through a tennis racket.
His body is so flexible that he can rotate his head 180 degrees backward.
He can dislocate both of his shoulders and has an exceptional front and back bending range.
Other feats include rotating his torso 180 degrees backward and can also rotate both of his hands more than 360 degrees.
Jaspreet says he has never felt any pain or any such kind of discomfort while contorting his body in unusual shapes.
He admires to become best contortionist in the world.
Recently he was featured on India's Got Talent.

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Learned Or Genetic

Jaspreet Singh Kalra's flexibility is not genetic at all and has been mastered by all his hard work & dedication.


Featured In

  • India's Got Talent.
  • OMG! Yeh Mera India series of History TV 18.

Names Known By

  • Rubber Boy
  • Boneless Man
  • Rubber Man
  • Youngest Flexible Boy
  • Most Flexible Man