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Jyothi Raj – Indian Spiderman

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Jyoti Raj
Jyoti Raj


Joythi Raj has the unique capability to climb big rocks and walls as well.


Jyothi Raj was born in Chitradurga, Karnataka in India.

Early Life

Jyothi Raj was born in a family that was not so well off financially in India.
When he was 7 years old, Jyothi Raj disobeyed his parents and for the fear of the punishment that he would face, he decided to run away from home to a nearby estate.
He managed to find a guardian that would raise him but the man used to mistreat him most of the time and would even speak harsh words like why he’s not dead yet and how he wishes he (Jyothi Raj) was already dead.
Jyothi Raj was so depressed and felt very unwanted and unappreciated. He decided to leave and looked for the oddest of jobs at shops in order to put food on the table.
Later on, he worked as a house help for a certain family and one day, they falsely accused him of stealing money from them. He then decided that enough was enough.
He strolled to a very big rock and decided that he would climb and throw himself over from the cliff but then the rock seemed very difficult to climb. The area being a residence for monkeys, he observed one climbing and did the exact same thing.
Upon reaching the top, just before he could jump, he heard cheers and applause from tourists who were apparently watching. They even thought he was a professional climber; having climbed such a huge rock. Seeing this, he felt so encouraged and continued climbing from then on by imitating the monkeys.

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About Jyothi Raj

His climbing soon made him popular since every time tourists watched him climbing, they would record videos and share them on YouTube and other social media platforms. They even nick-named him “The Monkey King”.
Joythi Raj However says that rock climbing is not so easy. He has been practicing for so many years and has injured himself a couple of times. He finds the strength to move on from his fans that treat him very nicely unlike how he had been treated before.
One day he decided to climb the Jog Falls just for amusement. The route he used was so dangerous with snakes on the way, pieces of rocks falling and to make it worse, it started raining. He slipped and fell on some hard rocks. Unlike expected, he stood up and continued to climb; even made it to the top, shocking his observers.
Sometimes, Jyothi Raj climbs waterfalls in order to help retrieve the dead bodies of those who have committed suicide.
He has also won 8 gold medals while rock climbing.
During his free time, he trains children on rock climbing.

Genetic Or Learned

It is very rare and almost impossible for normal human beings to achieve these rock climbing feats. Jyothi Raj is a natural climber and he discovered his superpower later in his life.

Names Known By

The Monkey King
Indian Spiderman

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Dalits and Human Rights
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