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Keith Liddell – World’s Fastest Punch

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Although Keith Liddell is most well know for his world records in punching, he is an incredible mathematician as well. Learn more about this man of many talents…

Keith Liddell
Keith Liddell

Keith Liddell Superhuman Superpower

Author, Mathematician and the holder of the record for the worlds fastest punch


Born in 1985 in Chicago Illinois

About Keith Liddell

Growing up on the streets of Chicago, Keith learned to defend himself from a young age. He trained for boxing with Anthony Mohammed, a former welterweight champion, and qualified for the 2009 Olympics. Unfortunately he suffered a double hernia and was unable to compete. During his training however, his coach noticed his punching speed and suggested he try and break a world record. Keith has also broken records for the Most Contact Punches (900), the “Most Speed bag Punches in A Minute”(581) and The Hardest Punch”(3780 psi). In addition to his performance in the boxing arena, keith is also a published Mathematician who defined the third number. he is also a successful entrepreneur and has four companies as well as an acting debut in the move “The Girl in Blue”. Keith is still focused on breaking more world records and in the process of writing his second book and training as a professional stuntman.

Genetic Or Learned

Genetic – Liddell’s ability to punch with such high is due to the ability of his retinas to register subatomic particles moving in slow and fast motion.
Keith Liddell is the fastest Professional Boxer in the History of the Sport and the hardest hitting fighter with over 3780 psi generated in every punch, but what makes him have super powers is that he can generate enough energy to shoot it from his body like a gun, this has never been done before to where it could visually be witnessed.

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Guinness World Records

  • 2013 – Fastest Punch at an incredible 45 miles per hour

Names Known By

  • Keith “Fastest Punch” Liddell

Featured In

  • 2014 – The Girl in Blue

Keith Liddell Youtube Videos

Books Published by Keith Liddell

  • 2013 – The Third Number – Enigmatic Summation- (the Value of Zero)
  • 2011 – The Tangibility of Nothingness