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Kenny Muhammad – The Human Orchestra

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Kenny Muhammad
Kenny Muhammad


Kenny Muhammad does extraordinary beat boxing. The beats that he produces are equivalent to a complete orchestra.


Kenny Muhammad was born on 3rd December 1968 in New York.

Early Life

Growing up, Kenny Muhammad’s mother raised him listening to some of the most inspirational acts like Earth, Wind & Fire; James Brown and the JBs.
As he grew older, he decided to pursue this kind of music with a lot of passion and dedication.
One time, he came across an act by the Fat Boys from Jamaica which impressed him and it was then that he discovered a name for the sounds that excited and intrigued him quite a lot. This discovery he made really thrilled him.
He decided to bring the art of beat boxing into his normal daily life.
He randomly decided to perform acts for any person that would listen to him; be it relatives, friends or just any random person in the streets.
He performed at school, when he was out in the park or any accessible place in the corners of the streets that were convenient.
If at any time he could find a place where people would listen to his performance, he would very gladly beat box for hours and hours regardless of the size of his crowd.
From his own words, Kenny Muhammad says that the sounds he produces seem to come straight from the soul and he would like everyone to be able to hear them.
He did his first gig with his twin brother Keith Muhammad which was at Bar Mitzvah. Just after this performance, they decided to create a group and they named it 'K Connection'.
Kenny continued to develop his beat boxing skills more and more as time went by.
Sometime later, he was involved in a terrible accident that resulted to a punctured lung. This however did not stop him from pursuing his dream.
In 1991, he had a very big performance that took place at Apollo. This was after he had won Showtime for 2 years in a row, this being the third.
Thereafter, he toured the world associating himself with big acts like Stevie Wonder, public Enemy and Mindless Self Indulgence. He became much more popular.

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About Kenny Muhammad

Kenny Muhammad is a beat boxer whose beat boxing abilities exceed that of an average one.
He has a unique and amazing ability to create highly complex rhythms that are layered with base lines and vocal sound effects.
He does not sound like one person when he is doing it, he instead sounds like a complete rhythm section. This unique ability has earned him his title.
Kenny Muhammad’s mastery of the wind techniques; inhaling and exhaling while creating striking sounds make him very unique.
He is so good that sometimes he sounds just like any other hip hop DJ scratching the vocal recordings. This has made him even more popular.
He has also performed with the New York Symphony Orchestra.

Genetic Or Learned

The human voice has for some time been used to create different percussion effects. Scientists however have not been able to verify the phonetics of these effects in details i.e. to what extent. Kenny Muhammad learnt how to beat box at a young age.

Names Known By

The human orchestra
Greatest beat boxer

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