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Kevin Richardson – The Lion Whisperer

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Kevin Richardson
Kevin Richardson


Kevin Richardson communicates with big cats and wild animals on a deep spiritual level and is able to cross the divide between man and wild predators.


Kevin was born on 08 October 1974 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Early Life

Kevin’s mother was a South African citizen and his father immigrated to South Africa from the United Kingdom.
His mother worked in a bank and his father for a pharmaceutical company.
Kevin is the youngest of four children; he has an older brother and older twin sisters.
He grew up in the city suburb of Orange Grove in Johannesburg
Kevin’s father died when he was only thirteen years old.
As a child he was known as the “Bird Man of Orange Grove” because of his love for animals and his involvement with rescuing them.
The first time he saw a lion was at the Johannesburg Zoo when he was in the first grade.
At sixteen he met Stan Schmidt who started his interest in behaviourism.
As a child his favourite book was “Memories of a Game Ranger”. The story of Harry Wolhuter’s, a game ranger at the Kruger National Park in South Africa for more than 44 years.

About Kevin Richardson

Kevin was given the name the Lion Whisperer by a British newspaper in 2007.
His Youtube video of him playing with lions has been watched more than 25 million times.
Kevin is married to Mandy and they have two children, Tyler and Jessica.
He started out studying Zoology but found the course limiting and then moved to studying Anatomy and Physiology.
His first job was a personal trainer at a gym.
When Kevin was 23 he met Rodney Fuhr owner of the Lion Park, a reserve on the outskirts of Johannesburg, starting his journey working with big cats.
He sleeps, eats and plays with the lions in his care.
He currently runs and manages the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary in Cullinan, just outside Pretoria, South Africa.
The Sanctuary is 13,000 hectares and is used for conservation and filming.
The Sanctuary currently houses 39 lions.
His main mission is to see all lions returned to the wild where they belong.
He campaigns actively against canned lion hunting, where lions are kept in a small enclosure and then hunted as trophies.

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Genetic Or Learned

Kevin's love for animals and his ability to communicate with them cannot be learnt but was a strong calling from young. He has however honed the skill through training and studying the animals to know them better.

Names Known By

  • The Lion Whisperer
  • The Real Lionman

Official Website


Featured In

  • Growing up Hyena (2003)
  • Dangerous companions (2003)
  • Lions on the move (2013)
  • In Search of a legend (2004)
  • Kevin Richardson – L’homme qui Murmure a L’oreille des Lion 2 (2012)
  • Gopro – Lions the new endangered species (2014)
  • The Lion Ranger series National Geographic Wild (2010)
  • Lights Camera Lions! (2010)
  • Killer IQ:Lion vs Hyena (2014)
  • White Lion – Home is a Journey (2003)
  • Wildcats 3D (2015)
  • African Safari (2013)

Books Published

  • Part of the Pride – My life Among the big cats of Africa (2009)