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Kim Peek – The Rain Man

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Kim Peek
Kim Peek


Kim Peek had exceptional memory and is able to complete intellectual challenges that are almost impossible for a normal person to do.

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Kim Peek was born on November 11 1951 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Early Life

Since he was born he was diagnosed with macrocephaly which is damage to his cerebellum or motor functions, as well as agenesis of the corpus callosum which is a condition with which the bundle of nerves that are supposed to connect the two hemispheres of the brain are missing, or in other words, the is no connection between the two hemispheres of his brain.
Kim had started memorizing things since the age of 16-20 months, according to his father.
He didn't start walking until he was four years old.
Something that was an everyday practice of Kim is reading a book, memorizing it and then putting it on a shelf upside down – that was the way he used to show how many books he had read and how many books he had memorized. He continued with this practice in his later years, eventually maintaining it throughout the rest of his whole life.

About Kim Peek

Due to his damaged cerebellum, Kim had a hard time with many ordinary motor skills.
Apart from his damaged motor skills, from a psychological point of view, he also scored low on standardized IQ tests, ranging below average with 87 points.
Kim memorized everything; from sports, books songs as well as numbers to various information on history, dates, literature and geography.
The screenwriter named Barry Morrow met Kim, and the result that came out of their meeting was the movie “Rain Man”. One of the main characters in the movie was based on Kim Peek.

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Genetic Or Learned

Kim is a person who is trapped inside his own world, his personal bubble. The term used for this is “savant”. Kim is said to be a “megasavant”.
The savant syndrome is fascinating, unusual and infrequent. It might just be one of the most extraordinary phenomena that has occurred in the fields of human psychological development.
He also suffers from agenesis of the corpus callosum, which only strenghtens his memorization abilities.
From his conditions we can conclude that his abilities are due to his conditions, and therefore are genetic.


Names Known By

  • The Rain Man