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Martin Strel – The Fishman

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Martin Strel
Martin Strel


Elite endurance- Martin Strel can swim for very long distances continuously and without tiring easily unlike the normal human being.


Martin Strel was born on 1st October 1954 in Mokronog, SR Slovenia.

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Early Life

When he was a young man, he swam to get away from his home life.
He was a rowdy kid and often when he broke the rules, his father would beat him. As a result, he would away quite a number of times.
Once when he was running away from his father, when they came upon a stream, cornered, he jumped into the water and wound up swimming for several miles as his father chased him on foot.
When he was 10 years old, a bunch of soldiers showed up and decided to race in the pool that he had created. Strel beat them all and won the prize; a crate of beer. That was when he decided to take swimming seriously and defying expectations.

About Martin Strel

Martin Strel says he swims for peace, friendship and clean waters.
His first two river swims were the Krka river (105km) in his homeland in 28 hours in 1992 and the boundary Kolpa river (62km) in 16 hours in 1993.
In 2000, he swam the Danube River (2860km) and achieved a world record and in 2001, he achieved one more record of non-stop swimming in Danube within 84 hours and 10 minutes.
In 2002, he swam the entire Mississippi River (3885km) in 68 days.
On 10th June 2004, Martin swam the Yangtze River in China (the longest river in Kenya and the third longest in the world) and reached Shanghai in 40 days, one day before planned.
In 2007, Strel swam the Amazon River for 66 days, where he was escorted by boats prepared to pour blood into the river to distract meat-eating fish such as piranhas, setting a new world record.
Martin Strel along with his son Borut Strel started a company in the year 2010 that started organizing Swimming Adventure Holidays in the Mediterranean and Lake Powell Arizona.
In 2011, he completed the Colorado River Swim challenge for the documentary Stan Lee’s Super humans.

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Genetic Or Learned

Martin Strel’s superpower is believed to be at least in some part genetic since he does not show any signs of fatigue as normal humans do.

Guinness World Records

Swimming Danube River (2860km) in 58 days.
He swam the Mississippi River (3885km) in 68 days.
Swimming the Yangtze River (4003km) in 40 days.
Swimming the Amazon River (3273km) in 66 days.

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Big River Man – Documentary
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Big River Man
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