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Masutatsu Oyama – The Man With God Hand

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Masutatsu Oyama
Masutatsu Oyama


Masutatsu Oyama, popularly known as Mas Oyama was a very good fighter. He was believed to have won many fights with the strike of just one punch.


Mas Oyama was born on July 27th, 1923 as Choui Young-Eui in Gimje, South Korea.

Early Life

When he was 9 years old, Mas Oyama started studying martial arts from a Chinese farmer where he had been sent to live; with his sister.
Growing up, Mas Oyama looked up to one Japanese pilot fighter as his role model. He then decided to train as a pilot later on just like his icon and in 1938, he moved to Japan.
It was at this time that he decided to change his original name.
Pilot training however did not work as he had hoped and he therefore decided to focus on his karate training again. He was so good that at 17, he had already reached the 2nd level.
Later on, he joined the Japanese Army. When they went to war and were defeated, Mas Oyama had a very tough time but unlike expected, he decided to dedicate his life wholly to karate.
He spent a lot of time training on his own up in the mountains. He would punch trees instead of punching bags, jump over plants, break rocks with his bare hands and even endure the freezing cold.
After this training, he was extremely skilled karate expert and very high in confidence.
In 1950, he began to show off his skills by fighting bulls by breaking their horns and wresting them to the ground successfully or just killing them instantly.

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About Masutatsu Oyama

In 1953, Mas Oyama opened Oyama Dojo which was his own karate dojo in Tokyo.
In his training sessions, he did not only include karate but also breaking of objects which to him was a very important aspect.
In 1964, Mas Oyama opened an organization and named it International Karate Organization. His intention was to unite and organize all the schools that were teaching his style of karate (the kyokushin style).
His style of Karate spread widely across Japan and gained a lot of popularity even in other countries like Brazil, England, Netherlands and even the United States.
As he traveled around the world, he had several professional matches with wrestlers, most of which he won.
Later on, Mas Oyama suffered from osteoarthritis. This however did not stop him as he would continue breaking objects and practicing Karate.
On 26th April 1994, Masutatsu Oyama died as a result of lung cancer.

Genetic Or Learned

Masutatsu Oyama gained his ability as a resulting of extreme training and a lot of self discipline.

World Records

Mas Oyama fought a kumite; this refers to fighting 300 men over 3 days.

Names Known By

  • God hand

Official Website

Featured In

  • Fight Magazine


Books Published

  • What is Karate?
  • Vital Karate
  • Advanced Karate