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Miroslaw Magola – The Magnetic Man

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Miroslaw Magola
Miroslaw Magola


By using the power of his mind also known as psychokinesis Miroslaw Magola can lift objects, transport them from one place to another and can also cling to his body; without even touching it.


Miroslaw Magola was born in Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland on May 29, 1958.

Early Life

Somewhere in the year 1992 Miroslaw  developed a deep interest in psychokinesis which completely transformed his personality.
Currently he likes to spend his time by teaching others about the power which he possess.

About Miroslaw Magola

Miroslaw by using the power of his mind has learnt to create gravity around objects.
Not just metal but even non-metal objects seems not be an issue for Miroslaw.
With his ability he can move heavy of the heaviest objects.
According to Miroslaw his mental powers are so strong that he can even jump with the objects being clinged to his body and can also spin them in mid air.

Genetic Or Learned

Miroslaw's bizarre ability has stunned the scientists.
He's been on endless interviews but no one could explain how he's able to do this.
Miroslaw explains that he's able to do this with continuous practice & research.


Featured In

Encounters Magazine
British ITV
SF1 & Telebasel (Switzerland)

Official Website

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