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Mohammed Al Sheikh – Superhuman Palestinian Spiderman

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Mohammed Al Sheikh
Mohammed Al Sheikh


Mohammed Al Sheikh is a real life superhuman who has a unique ability to contort his body into almost any shape giving a illusion he has no bones at all.


Mohammed Al Sheikh was born on 2004 in Tel al-Hawa, Gaza.

Early Life

Since childhood he used to amaze his friends and relatives through his contortionist skills.
Impressed by his skills, his relatives started calling him by the name “Spiderman”.
Being motivated by his family and friends Mohammed Al Sheikh at the very small age of 11 participated in a TV reality show Arabs Got Talent.
He made it to the finals of the show but could not grab the title.

About Mohammed Al Sheikh

Mohammed Al Sheikh from Gaza has developed an unique talent whereby he can contort his body in all sorts of unimaginable positions with ease.
He was not contended by only participating in the TV reality show, he was aiming much higher than that.
In order to achieve his dreams he had submitted the video to Guinness World Records where he is seen lying on the ground, his chest touching the floor and his legs rotating 360 degrees around his body.
Soon after that record attempt took place in Amman, Jordan where Mohammed managed to get 33 full body revolutions maintaining a chest stand thereby breaking the previous record of Leilani Franco who had a record of 29 full body revolutions maintaining a chest stand.
After achieving the Guinness World Record title Mohammed says he was inspired by Leilani Franco and Zlata for this title.
His famous acts include bending his legs from over his shoulders towards the floor, handstands on the back of the camels and jumping in Spider-like pose.

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Genetic Or Learned

Mohammad Al Sheikh's ability to contort his body into any shape is not genetic at all.
He is able to do these through his rigorous training and practice.
According to his trainer Mohammed Lubbad, no one in the world can beat Mohammed in his acrobatic moves.
In early days his mother was concerned about his safety but was later reassured by the doctor.


Guinness World Records

  • 33 most full body revolutions maintaining a chest stand in one minute.

Names Known By

  • Spider-Boy
  • Gaza's Spider-Man
  • Palestinian SpiderMan

Featured In

  • Arab’s Got Talent.