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Muhamed Kahrimanovic – The Man With Hammer Hands

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Muhamed Kahrimanovic
Muhamed Kahrimanovic


Muhamed Kahrimanovic has the amazing ability to break things that mostly seem unbreakable with his own bare hands. He is also a boxer, kick boxer and does Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do.


Muhamed Kahrimanovic was born in 1977 in Bosnia.

Early Life

Muhamed Kahrimanovic was born and raised in Bosnia.
Not much is known about Muhamed Kahrimanovic’s early life.
Growing up, Muhamed Kahrimanovic went to school just like any other normal kid.
He went to Schule des Kreises Segeberg, Norderstedt.
His family was not so well off and they struggled in life like many other families that lived in the rural sides of Bosnia.
As he grew older, Muhamed Kahrimanovic noticed that he could break things that the other kids could not.
He took this seriously as a special skill and it eventually made him very popular later on.
He was always active in sports. He began doing Judo and Karate in 1969.
In 1974, he proceeded to do Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do.
Many national and international training centers wanted to hire Muhamed Kahrimanovic for his exceptional skills.
He has won many Olympic titles in Tae Kwon Do, Karate and boxing.

About Muhamed Kahrimanovic

Through this special skill, Muhamed Kahrimanovic has become a Guinness world record holder in several disciplines.
He holds the Guinness World Record for breaking 118 coconuts in less than a minute using one hand.
He broke out of the trunk of a car that was locked without using any tools in just 14 seconds!
One time, he destroyed 55 baseball bats in less than 1 minute.
Muhamed has made a lot of achievements despite the fact that he comes from a humble background; he does not let this stop him.
He is also a taekwondo fighter.
He has become a mentor to many people, especially young people by inspiring them to work hard and achieve their goals despite the challenges and circumstances.
He currently resides in Germany where he has assisted more than 400 youngsters in Hamburg to train in Taekwondo, boxing and kick boxing.

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Genetic Or Learned

Doctors have proved that no normal human being is born with such an enormous strength. Muhamed Kahrimanovic was born with a unique ability and excessive strength that he manages also with a lot of dedicated training.

Guinness World Records

Muhamed Kahrimanovic holds the Guinness World record for braking 118 coconuts using one hand.
He also destroyed 55 baseball bats in just less than one minute.
Another record held by him is breaking out of a locked car trunk in 14 seconds without the assistance of tools.

Names Known By

  • Hammer Hands

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Featured In

  • China TV
  • World Champion Gala
  • Bosnia TV World Record


Books Published

  • KAHRIMANOVIC, Muhamed: Taekwondo Data
  • Martial Arts Legends
  • Tarnished Heisman
  • Privreda Bosne I Hercegovine