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Nik Wallenda – The Daredevil Stunt Performer

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Nik Wallenda
Nik Wallenda


Nik Wallenda is a daredevil stunt performer, acrobat and high wire artist.


Nik Wallenda was born on 24th January 1979 in Sarasota, Florida, United States.

Early Life

When he was a child, Nik Wallenda performed several acts in the circus together with his family members where he entertained a lot of people ranging from all ages.
He started at a very tender age. At two years old, he had started walking on wire going back and forth while his mother held his hand.
Two years later, he could walk on the wire on his own learning also from his father who also did the same.
Together with his older sister, they would always practice on their parents’ equipment’s. His parents would train him by throwing objects at him to prove that he could deal with distractions.
At 13 years of age, Nik Wallenda did his first tight rope performance and after he had completed high school, his parents encouraged him to go to college and find options of a career choice. There was no pressure to become a performer.
He enrolled to study medicine and was accepted. However, later on he changed his mind.
In 1998, when he was 19 years old, he started doing high wire walking as his professional career; the same year that he joined his family members, all seven performing on one wire.
From then on, he decided that he would make it his career.

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About Nik Wallenda

In 2001, Nik Wallenda was part of the 8-person high wire pyramid team that included the first persons in the world to participate in such a feat.
Nik Wallenda once rode a motorcycle across a high wire that was 9 meters high in the air.
From 2002 to 2005, he toured around the United Stated performing together with his wife, children and other family members.
In 2006, he performed an act with his sister where they both walked from the ends of the same high wire, met in the middle and even sat down to have coffee. It however got dangerous when they had to go back. Nik had to go first then later came to rescue his sister.
In 2009, in Ohio, he walked at Kings Island right from the entrance of the Eiffel Tower 80 meters high in the air; the highest walk in his professional career.
On 10th June 2011, Nik Wallenda performed while hanging from a helicopter 250 feet above the Silver Dollar City in Missouri using only his teeth!
Nik Wallenda once walked on a 135 feet long high wire between the Two Condado Plaza Hotel Towers that were both 10 story buildings.
In the year 2012, he walked on a tight rope across the Niagara Falls; something that he had always dreamt of doing since he was 6 years old.

Genetic Or Learned

Being born from a family of acrobats and performers, Nik Wallenda’s ability is considered genetic. It however also takes a lot of courage.

Guinness World Records

In 2008, he set the record for the longest and highest bicycle ride. The wire was 76 meters long and he rode 41 meters high in the air.
In 2014, he set another record for walking the highest tight rope blind folded.
In the same year, he also set the Guinness World Record for walking the steepest tight rope which had been inclined between two buildings.
Nik Wallenda also holds the record for crossing the Grand Canyon on 1300 feet-long wire which was 1500 feet up in the Little Colorado River.
Nik established another world record for the first tightrope walker across the Niagara Falls when he crossed 1500 feet above it.
He set the record for the tallest tightrope, 4-person high pyramid with 7 other family members 25 feet above the ground which.

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Names Known By

Dare devil.

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