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Nina Kulagina – A Real Psychokinetic Superhuman

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Nina Kulagina
Nina Kulagina


Nina Kulagina had the ability to move objects with her mind.


Nina Kulagina was born in Leningrad in Russia on 30 July 1926.

Early Life

Nina Kulagina was 14 years old when the Nazi siege of Leningrad took place and she joined the Red Army. She served on the frontline during World War 2 as a radio operator. She was promoted to a senior sergeant in the Red Army and served until she was discharged due to injury. Nina’s mother was able to move objects with her mind as well.

About Nina Kulagina

After her injury in the war she lived alone until the mid 1960’s when she married and had children. Her ability to move objects first presented itself when she was angry. Through meditation she learned to harness her powers and control the movement of objects. She would feel a sharp pain in her spine and her vision would blur just before her powers manifested themselves.
Physicist VF Shvetz confirmed he had seen Nina Kulagina projecting letters onto a sheet of paper. Nina could also project outlines of an image onto photographic paper, but this resulted in burn marks on her hands. She claimed her clothes had even caught fire once. Nina’s talents came into the spotlight during the Cold War. More than 40 Russian Scientists tested her claims and found her abilities to be genuine. Her pulse would rise to more than 240 beats per minute when performing psychokinetics .
In 1964 Nina suffered from a nervous breakdown and was hospitalised. Nina spent allot of her recovery time sewing and doctors noted she could select the right colour cotton from a basket without looking at it.
In March of 1970, Nina Kulagina kept a frogs heart beating while it was trapped underwater and could even adjust the rate at which the heart was beating. In 1987 she sued a Russian newspaper which accused her of fraud and won the case.
Nina Kulagina passed away in April 1990 at the age of 64.

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Genetic Or Learned

As Nina’s mother had the same abilities as Nina Kulagina and she had no control over her abilities as a child, the superhuman trait must be genetic

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