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Noorsyaidah – The Wire Woman

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Noorsyaidah has wires growing out of her body.

Early Life

Noorsyaidah is a normal woman who lives in Sangata, East Borneo, Indonesia.
At the same place, she worked as a kindergarten teacher.

About Noorsyaidah

Noorsyaidah first noticed metal wires coming out of her chest and stomach in 1991.
At first, the wires grew and fell off from her body, and therefore were gone.
After that, the wires just kept emerging from her body. As that happened, she was unable to move normally because the wires hurt her.
As time progressed, it became harder and harder for the wires to seperate from her body.
Because Noorsyaidah and the people around her knew nothing about her condition, they had never heard or seen such a thing until then, she continued to seek medical help and answers.
Doctors were stunned; they did't know what had caused her condition.
The only thing that was known about her condition is that the wires were growing from beneath her skin but did not touch and therefore did not damage any internal organs.
Noorsyaidah was examined multiple times and even though the doctors seemed to have a few theories on why and how the wires were growing from her, they could never really say for sure.
The only thing that the doctors know is that her condition is classified as corpus alienum, which is a condition where strange things that are not supposed to be in the body enter the body, and furthermore, the body rejects them.
Her bodily functions were determined to be normal.

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Genetic Or Learned

With all honesty, it would be impossible for a person to learn how to grow wires out of their body by learning it. Therefore, it is something genetic.


Names Known By

  • The Wire Woman