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Paddy Doyle – The World’s Fittest Man

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Paddy Doyle
Paddy Doyle


Paddy Doyle held the longest time in an abdominal plank position with a 100-lb pack and is “The World Fitness Endurance Champion”.


Paddy Doyle is 46 years old from Birmingham, UK.

Early Life

Paddy Doyle is a British athlete known for his endurance of weight lifting and press-ups.
He was brought up in Birmingham by his Irish father a laborer, who insisted he helped him in this field in his younger years.
He was always interested in boxing and references his grandfather on his mother’s side for his interest in this.
At seven years of age, Paddy took an interest in Martial Arts and soon become a Junior Judo Champion.
At the age of nine, Paddy pursued an uneven path by taking part in brawls and fights in his local pub and clubs, which resulted in Police action and he decided from that moment on he would turn his life around.
Paddy went on to become a member of the British Parachute Regiment.

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About Paddy Doyle

Paddy Doyle from Birmingham has been featured in the 1990–2008 Guinness Book of World Records.
Paddy holds 23 separate current records.
His titles include the most one arm push-ups in one hour, the most competitive full contact rounds in boxing and other martial arts and most one arm push-ups in one hour.
Paddy was crowned ‘The Worlds Fittest Man’ in 2004.
Paddy is considered a professional multidisciplinary athlete.
Paddy represented his Battalion in the Army for cross county competitions and was awarded a champion recruit for outstanding fitness levels and determination.
Paddy has taken his achievements in his stride and considers attempting another record in the future.
Paddy lives with his wife and Rottweiler Dog and actively takes part in charity events, raising awareness and is an advocate for fitness.

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Genetic Or Learned

In 2009, it determined Paddy Doyle as the “World’s fitness Endurance Champion”, beating previous champ Rob Powell, when he completed within 18 hours 56 minutes and 9 seconds 2 miles of swimming, 300000 pounds of weight lifts, 12 miles of running, 12 miles of running, 12 miles of walking (Carrying 25lb back pack), 110-mile of biking, 1250 push-ups, 3250 sit-ups, 1250 Jumping Jacks, 20 miles of rowing, 1250 standing hip flexors and 20 miles in a cross trainer.
With 100lb on his back, some of Paddy’s highlights include the 10km, which he completed in one hour, 47 minutes and 37 seconds, beating the previous record by five minutes.
Paddy also completed the half marathon in three hours, 39 minutes and 46 seconds, beating the previous Guinness record by 27 minutes.

Guinness World Records

  • World Fitness Endurance Champion, 2009
  • 1,500,230 press-ups in one year
  • 716 step ups in an hour, 2006
  • World's fittest man, 2004

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Names Known By

  • The World Fitness Endurance Champion


Books Published

  • Record Breaker
  • Iron Man
  • Pure Gritt