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Richard Kuklinski – The Iceman Serial killer

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Richard Kuklinski
Richard Kuklinski


Richard Kuklinski was a serial contract killer that froze his corpses to hide the fact that they were murdered.


Richard Leonard Kuklinski was born on 11 April 1935 in Jersey City, New Jersey in the USA.

Early Life

Richard’s father was a polish immigrant from Masovian Voivideship who immigrated to the USA to work as a brakeman on the railroad. His mother was a Catholic Irish descendant who worked at a meat packing plant. Richards parents abused him badly as a child, both of them repeatedly beating him and his siblings.
Richard had two brother and a sister. One of his brothers dies as a result of his fathers beatings. Richards youngest brother was convicted for raping and murdering a twelve year old girl.
Richard killed cats in his youth which we know is a indication of a disturbed child. Richard stared working in the a warehouse where he met Barbara Pedrici, seven years younger than him, whom he married. Richard abused Barbara from early in the marriage, Hi bi-polar illness resulting in him alternating between good and bad personalities where he would be a loving father and then a physical and emotional abuser.
Barbara and Richard has two daughters and a son. By the age of 14, Richard had already claimed his first victim, the neighbourhood bully, whom he claims to have beaten to death with the rod from a clothing closet. He did schooling only till eighth grade and was later dropped out of school.

About Richard Kuklinski

By the 1950’s, when Richard was in his twenties he was already known for violent outbursts and beating and killing anyone who crossed him. His reputation brought him tot he attention of the DeCavalcente gang who hired him to be a contract killer for them. Richard would go to Hells Kitchen and hunt people and kill them for the sport and to practice the art of the perfect murder.
Later Kuklinski started working for the Gambino crime Family as a contract killer as well as staging robberies and making copies of pornographic tapes, illegal trafficking and debt collection Over the next 30 years he killed multiple people, although he was only convicted for five which the state could prove. He used a variety of methods including guns, explosives, poison, asphyxiation and even beating people to death just for the exercise, however his favourite method was sing cyanide.
Richard claims to have killed more than 200 people during his career but never any women or children. One of his associates hired him to kill his wife and child and as then went against Richards “code” the associate was found dead in his truck a few days later.
He earned the name the Iceman because he used to freeze the corpses of his victims in an industrial freezer to cover up the murders.
Kuklinski Richard claims to have been involved in the death of union boss Jimmy Hoffa. In the late 1980’s, Richard started his own crime ring and looked for new ways to make money from his killings. In total four victims of Richard were found that could be traced back to him; Gary Smith, Daniel Deppner, Louis Margay and George Malliband and then the death of pharmacist Paul Hoffamn was also linked.
On 17 December 1986, one of Richards fellow hitman made a deal with ATF agents and trapped Richard into a confession by selling him cyanide and he was arrested and Barbara was charged with trying to prevent his arrest. He was charged with five counts of murder as well as attempted murder, robbery and attempted robbery.
In March 1988 he was found guilty and sentenced to consecutive sentences. He died in a prison hospital on 6 March 2006 at the age of 70. His wife claims she never knew what he did or that she was married to a criminal.

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Genetic Or Learned

Kuklinski’s behaviour was genetic. He suffered from Bi-polar as well as other antisocial personality disorders, most likely inherited from his parents and aggravated by the abuse he endured at their hands.

Names Known By

  • The Iceman
  • Big Rich


Movies Featured In

  • The Iceman – The true story of a cold blooded killer (2012)

Books Featured In

  • The Ice-man – Confessions of a Mafia Contract Killer- Phillip Carlo (2011)
  • Serial Murder – Ronald M Holmes , Stephen T Holmes (2009)
  • Profiling Violent Crimes: An investigative Tool – Anthony Bruno (2013)
  • Fatal Flaws: Navigating destructive Relationship – Stuart C Yudofsky (2007)