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Shaun Ellis – The Wolf Man

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Shaun Ellis
Shaun Ellis


Shaun Ellis has been known for living among the wolves and also founding a Wolf Pack Management which is involved with several research projects in Poland and the United States.


Shaun Ellis was born on 12th October 1964 in England, United Kingdom.

Early Life

Shaun Ellis was raised in Great Massingham which is one very scenic village near King’s Lynn Norfolk.
He began observing animals at a very tender age, especially badgers and foxes teaching himself how to find his way at night using only his sense of smell and sound.
Later on, Shaun Ellis trained to be a gamekeeper but lost the job after some time when the head gamekeeper found him feeding the foxes instead of culling them.
He decided to join the Royal Marines after losing the job.
Much later, when he left the Marines, with the help of a Native American biologist, he was able to spend some time living at the Wolf Education and Research Center in the United States as a volunteer in a project that had been set to study wolves.
While spending time there, Shaun Ellis was taught how to observe wolves and even managed to get into a wolf pack himself and live amongst them!
He made a lot of observations including the fact that wolves are very intelligent animals which show equality and trust in accordance to the social structure of their packs.
With time, Shaun Ellis was able to howl like the wild wolfs and even learned how to identify individual members of a pack.

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About Shaun Ellis

Shaun Ellis married Jan and had four children with her. However, 11 years later, they split up since Jan found it difficult to keep up with his way of living.
Shaun Ellis’ passion for wolves was so strong that he spent 3 whole years living with wolves in a muddy wildlife park; hunting, eating and howling like the wolves. He went to the extent of restricting his own diet to meat and going for days without showering for his body odour to match theirs.
In 2009, Shaun Ellis met Isla and married her 3 years later. They did their wedding in Devon with traditional attires and wrote their own vows.
He has also taught his wife all about the wolf world and she now also has her own wolf pack; two males and a female, which are kept t their research center in Coombe Martin, Devon.
Shaun Ellis says that he considers the wolves his own family and whenever he is away from them, he misses them quite a lot.

Genetic Or Learned

Shaun Ellis grew up with an interest in animals and most specifically the wolves. He would often observe them and when he grew up, he decided to join the Wolf Education and Research Center to learn more about the wolves.

Names Known By

The Wolf man


Featured In

National Geographic – The Wolf man
Animal Planet
Stan Lee’s Super humans

Books Published

The Wolf Talk
The Man Who Lives with Wolves
A Life with the Wolves