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Valeria Lukyanova – Real Life Human Barbie Doll

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Can you imagine someone who resembles a Barbie Doll down to the tiny waist and big blue eyes? Meet Valeria Lukyanova the doll-like model that is a exact image of the famous Barbie doll.

Valeria Lukyanova
Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova Superhuman Superpower

Valeria Lukyanova has a startling resemblance to the famous Barbie Doll.


Valeria Lukyanova was born in Tiraspol in the Soviet Union on 23 August 1985.

Early Life

Valeria Lukyanova grew up in Russia with her twin sister Olga and a mother Irina who worked for the Military. Their father was a builder with dreams of being Disc Jokey. Her parents were very strict and at the age of thirteen she started to rebel, dying her hair blonde and turing to a Goth look. When she was fifteen the children at school started calling her a witch, which she reacted to by changing her appearance, even more. She was even expelled from the choir for refusing to sway with the other children. At 16, Valeria and her parents moved to Odessa where the sex industry and sale of “ mail order brides” is rife, and industry that she adamantly against. She studied at the Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture and earned her Degree in Architecture. Valeria met Dmitry, the son of one her fathers wealthy friends and this inspired her to make more changes to her appearance to achieve the Barbie look. Valeria says she had a very happy childhood filled with activities and hobbies.

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About Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova admits to having breast implants to enhance her doll like appearance, but claims the rest is due to her exercise regime and eating habits. She alternates between raw vegetarianism, living on juice only and breatharianism, which means living on air and sunlight and water. Valeria is a teacher in Astral-projection as well as a fitness model and says she has had contact with aliens, who gave her the name Amatue. She is anti-children (the thought of having children and a family makes her sick), mixed race marriages (which she believes is the reason we have no more natural beauty in the world) and has some controversial views feminism have made her very unpopular amongst many groups. She married Dmitry and they live in Cancun in Mexico. In 2007, Valeria won her first beauty contest, Miss Diamond Crown of the world, against over 300 other contestants. She started making videos about herself and posting them on the web along with some erotic photos, which led to her fame and popularity. Allot of the commentary that followed believed the images of Valeria online had to be a result of photoshop. Valeria has recorded two New Age music albums, under the name of Amatue, 2013 and Sun in the Eye’s. She has also written a book called Astral Travel Amatue about her astral trips. The book is available for download on her website. Valeria believes she grows and changes every year.

Genetic Or Learned

Valeria Lukyanova natural looks are genetic, but the transformation into a living Barbie Doll is learned. She has had special hair treatments to create the think long locks and her hair in not her natural colour. For public appearances she can spend hours doing her make-up to transform her into the doll replica. She also wears contact lenses to cover her natural eye colour.

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Names Known By

  • The Human Barbie
  • Amatue
  • more points

Official Website

Valeria Lukyanova Youtube Videos

Featured In

  • Numerology for Valeria Lukyanova – Ed Peterson, 2012
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  • My Life Online Documentary – Space Barbie : 2013
  • The Phase: Shattering the Illusion of Reality – Michael Raduga, 1986
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  • Music Video: Venus – 2010
  • Music Video: Endless Eternity- 2011