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Vittorio Innocente – Underwater Cyclist

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Vittorio Innocente
Vittorio Innocente


Vittorio Innocente cycles underwater at a very high speed even when covering long distances.


Vittorio Innocente was born in 1949 in Milan, Italy.

Early Life

While in Milan, Vittorio Innocente learnt how to swim when he was a child in the Navigli; which is currently a polluted canal.
He went to Grafica High School.
In 2000, he moved to Whitehorse in Yukon Territory.
He took interest in underwater cycling as a sport when he one day rode an old bicycle he found as he led a group of German tourists who were scuba diving to the Island of Elba.

About Vittorio Innocente

Vittorio Innocente does underwater cycling to prove that mountain bikes can go anywhere. He has cycled on mountains, glaciers and deserts in various places ranging from Alaska to Kenya but he decided to unite his cycling passion with scuba diving which he also loved.
He covered 1 kilometer along the bed of a canal in only 13 minutes. This was one of his first achievements as an official under water cyclist.
He pedaled a specially adapted bicycle in the sea near Genoa covering 65 meters in depth. As a result, he broke his own previous record of 60 meters with the help of scuba divers who assisted him to get on his bike and the Carabinieri Police who acknowledged his effort.
He was supposed to repeat breaking the record on a televised event but this could not happen because Vittorio Innocente had damaged his ear drums. The record was however taken into account after checking the computerized depth gauge that was on his specially modified mountain bike.
Before performing any act, Innocente’s bike is usually weighed down with 35 kilograms of ballast and its tires pumped with water instead of air. It also has fins that help him ride well through the water.
In 2001, Vittorio Innocente set the speed record by cycling 1200 meters in a swimming pool in just 22 minutes 10 seconds.
He says that he does underwater cycling record attempts for charity. He also raises money for cancer research.

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Guinness World Records

In 2001, he set a world record by cycling 1200 meters in a swimming pool at the speed of 0.87 centimeters per second.
In July 2008, Vittorio Innocente broke his own record for the deepest cycling underwater covering 66.5 meters.
Vittorio Innocente took 9 minutes to ride deep sea covering 65 meters.

Genetic Or Learned

Growing up, Vittorio Innocente had a special interest in cycling and scuba diving. Later on he decided to combine the two and do it as a sport when he first rode underwater as he was leading a group of tourists who were scuba diving; one of the members found the bike at the surface and Innocente decided to ride it.

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