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Yash Shah – Rubber Boy of India

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Flexibility is the thing that comes to our mind when we hear the term rubber. It is possible for things to turn, twist, bend and rotate then to come to its original position. Could you think that a human being can rotate and bend like that? May be some of you would have heard about people with flexibility & body bending abilities like Daniel Browning Smith from America & Jaspreet Singh Kalra from India who are flexible like rubber and some may not have heard about them.Here let me tell you about an eighteen year old Indian boy Yash Shah who can turn his neck & fingers to 180 degrees and bend his hands and legs to 360 degrees as if he has no bones. We can say that he is very flexible as a rubber. Hence, he got the name rubber boy.

Yash Shah
Yash Shah

Yash Shah Superhuman Superpower

Rubber boy Yash Shah has the ability to rotate his neck up to 180 degrees, dislocate both of his hands & legs and rotate his fingers up to 180 degrees. He can even pass through a racket and a commode seat. He can bend his legs so far backwards that his feet rest on his shoulders, place his head against the top of the back of his thigh, extend his feet above head and twist his body around on the floor so his face and feet face opposite directions.


The exact birth details of Yash Shah is not available. But as he is 18 years old now we can say that he was born in the year 1999.

Early Life

Yash shah was born and raised in Surat, Gujarat, India. He started yoga at age 16. At age 17 he was inspired by Daniel Browning Smith, an American contortionist, to begin the practice, initially by watching Smith’s YouTube videos. Within a year he became highly flexible.
He is now holder of Two world and One national records.

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About Yash Shah

Yash Shah is a contortionist who was born to Mr.Shah and Mrs. Kamini Shah and lives in Kamrej, Surat district in Gujarat. He is a very flexible teen who has the ability to turn his neck to 180 degrees and bend limbs to 360 degrees. He was called by people in his place as a Rubber Boy as he could turn his body exactly like a rubber. Inspired by World’s Most Flexible Man Daniel Browning Smith’s videos in YouTube, Yash Shah started practicing this rubber-limbed skills. Initially, it was little painful for him but now he never feels the pain. His flexibility and body bending abilities are incredible which stunned people in the town. It is great to know that he learnt these flexibility techniques just by watching videos and television.

A medical practitioner named Dr. Rajiv Chaudhary claimed that Yash suffers from a genetic disorder which results in extra-flexibility of ligaments. Yash himself has approached an orthopaedic doctor who said that the flexibility inside his body is very unique and found only in few people. According to his statement given to media, he was practicing both simple and complex movements like back bending, neck twisting, front bending, some tricky flexible splits and over splits that range over 180 degrees for about three years.

It was Yash Shah’s grandfather Ramlal Kanyalal who has encouraged him to become a contortionist and helped Yash while he was practicing. Like a coach, he makes sure that Yash learns and does all the acts in You Tube video that shows contour techniques. Yash can even squeeze his body through a tennis racket. His mother feels proud that Yash is different from others who can turn his body in any direction unlike others and believes that his flexibility is God’s gift. His mother first approached every yoga and gym trainer in Surat to train him more but they replied Yash already knows all the techniques. His parents are now looking for a coach to train Yash who is having astonishing bendy and hyper flexible skills.

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The unique bendy techniques has never caused any harm to Yash and he also told a Gujarati daily Sandesh that he know how to control his body and protect himself from any injury. His aim is to get a place in the Guinness world records and Limca book of records with the title India’s most flexible human being by breaking the record made by Jaspreet Singh, a 17 year old boy from Ludhiana as the ‘Most Flexible Indian’. In order to pursue his passion, he took a break in his education for a year. He also wish to be world famous one day.

Genetic or Learned

Yash has an extremely flexible body. He is capable of rotating his head 180° backwards and can dislocate both shoulders. He can rotate his torso 180° backwards, rotate each hand more than 360°, and has advanced front bending range , He can rotate his legs at 360°.
The body bending and flexibility skills of Yash Shah can be termed both as genetic and learned when you consider the upcoming statements. It is said by doctors that he suffers from genetic disorder which resulted in extra-flexibility of ligaments and the flexibility inside his body is very unique and found in few people respectively. He practiced for nearly three years to learn the contour techniques.

Names known by

  • Rubber Boy of India

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